Friday, June 29, 2018

Saving Jetstar ticket cost by changing site location

Hello Expat Travel friends,

One thing I have discovered is that you can actually save 10-30% of ticket cost if you change the site location of your booking. This applies to Jetstar site so far in my experience..

What to do:
1. Go to the jetstar website
When you go the jetstar website you will redirected based on your location.
Example if live in Vietnam so you will be directed to the vietnam site:

2. Enter the necessary details on the page. Example for this query is a one way flight from Singapore to Da Nang on July 11, 2018.
After selecting the travel date and number of passenger press "Select Flight Time"

3. A list of flights will be presented to you. In your browser text line update the 2 letter country designation (marked in red). HOPEFULY you will notice a difference of price for your booking. ;-)

Result: 188SGD

Result: 136SGD (27.6% Saving)

Result: 188SGD

Result: 188SGD

4. Use the site where the best price exist and proceed with the booking.

Good luck on your ticket savings hunting. :)

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