Friday, June 29, 2018

About Pindana

Hello friends and visitors,

Thank you for visiting this site. It has been been 4 years since the last update and a lot of things has happened. I am happily married and became father of a beautiful girl named Elsa. I still use this blog "basisbibo" as my cheat sheet most of the time in handling issues related to work. I hope this log site has helped most of the online readers.

As a technology driven person I've developed a definite interest and expertise in Linux, Oracle, DB2 and HANA database. I still have some SQL server SAP projects along the way. Currently working as SAP Delivery Lead for a multinational company based in the US. Still learning a lot about SAP basis technology.

Had the blessing of travelling all over the world from Belgium, France, Spain, South Korea, US, and now living in Da Nang, Vietnam. Still exploring Da Nang and Vietnam in general, mostly with my wife and daughter. One of the best things to do in Da Nang is probably eat and find the best western and eastern food available. Hopefully I can post as much food related content on this blog as well as travel and maintain the SAP basis articles.

There are multiple expat community in Da Nang which discuss a lot of things from where to do, buy and eat and what to expect in Vietnam. Thus I had an idea to record all things I experienced in Da Nang as a foreigner and other things. I also wanted to consolidate my cheat sheet "basisbibo" in the experiences thus the "Pindana" or Pinoy in Da Nang log was born.

See you around and as usual I hope my logs help you.

Much Regards,
Pindana a.k.a basisbibo

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