Friday, May 21, 2010

SAP* Logon not possible Error in license Check

1. You perform a database refresh. Physical copy is successful and r3trans -d is okay.

2. You followed SAPnote 68048 and used SAP* as emergency user. Parameter no_automatic_sapstar=0 is set.

3. You cannot install sap license from command saplicense -install. This is because license is stored in a digital file and not 24 characters in version 7.00 or later. SAP license installation is done in transaction SLICENSE with admin user preferrably SAP*. After SAP* user is okay, system number of refreshed system is not correct. You get error below:

This system's system number is "000000000XXXXXXXXX", but there is a license key for system number "000000000YYYYYYYYY" in the license key file.

Other terms: SAP* logon failure, database refresh,

Reason: There is an error in ABAP kernel 7.00 patch 250 and 251. This has been identified on April 24, 2010 by SAP note 1459897. 15 days ago. :)

1. Update to kernel 252 or in urgent cases revert back to old working kernel.

2.0. Delete all existing/old/non working license in transaction SLICENSE. The system number is a passive number generated from SAP OSS licensing. It will display the most active.

2.1. When all licenses are deleted, you will notice that system number will be: INITIAL_SYSTEM_IDX instead of the "Source" system number (old).

2.1. Import the digital SAP license you got from Marketplace in transaction SLICENSE > New License > Install.

Hope this helps.

1459897 - ABAP 7.00: DDIC and SAP* cannot log on
806819 - sap* login not available [problems with client-copies]

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