Sunday, December 6, 2009

Support pack upgrade Notes

Be patient.

How to monitor:

1. OS level - monitor if Package update background job is running. Don't stop the process.

2. SPAM (Support package manager)
A.1 Red - In process(Click on QUEUE STATUS button): You should see that import process is ongoing). Wait till it completes.
A.2 Red - STOP(due to error, DDIC activation, timeout, etc). Investigate. Make sure to restart import again and confirm if error persists. Usually timeout are resolved by restart of import from the point it stopped.

B. Yellow - needs confirmation or requirements not met. Action required to proceed.

C. Green - OK

- Sort the file according to last changed DATE. Notice the file name changes from a period. Also notice the timing of change. If it updates, the update is ongoing.

My Checklist Support package in Live system:1. Take full backup of your system,
2. Space is available on Database. Check recovery settings
3. Your SPAM/SAINT version is updated.
4. Your Kernel patch is updated.
5. Your Business Client is locked
6. Work Process and Memory is available.
7. Space available at OS level
8. Check all prerequisites means spam status patch levels etc.
9. Lock all users except the user with which you want to apply(DDIC or equalent).
10. Check the tp version if required apply latest(n-1 kernel).
11. Take ABAPer presence at the time of applying.
12. Deschedule all Batch jobs


GUI and login problems. Example you get ABAP dumps Syntax error in program "SAPLSUNI".

I have faced some GUI problems problem when i was applying patches.

I couldn't log on to system so i was just monitoring the logs and given sufficient time for patches to finish from OS level


If you install a support package there are various phases (which you might have seen).

A first step install/update the tables/views/structure, a second step imports the code changes and a third step activates those changes.

As long as not all three steps are completed you might face syntax errors. If e. g. step one is in process and a program refers to a table structure that is not consistent with the code (because stage 2 and 3 are not done yet) it will dump. This is a normal and expected.

Important:Support packages installation is (usually) done in downtime (not system shut down but downtime in sense of no one logged on but you with SPAM), that means, you logon to client 000 with one mode, start the patch application and leave the system alone until the patch process is finished. If the patch application takes several hours then you might get syntax errors for those several hours until it's finished.

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