Thursday, October 15, 2009

Unable to start Integration repository or directory JAR resources in JNLP file are not signed by same certificate

You re-deployed XI/PI component with your SDM

When you run the following Java based integration tools below you get error "Unable to Open".
In the details says

"JAR resources in JNLP file are not signed by same certificate"

Integration Repository
Integration Directory

What happened: New components deployed is unsigned by previous certificate.


Re-initialize Java webstart and enable force sign-in to re-authenticate new components deployed.

1. Login to your XI/PI server
2. Go to Exchange Infrastructure Tools main web screen. You will see Tools list and other options.


3. On the Upper right part of your screen you will see Tools | Administration | Client Installation and Guidelines | Documentation.

Click Administration

4. Login as PISUPER user. (password is same j2ee_admin user)

5. On the Exhange Infrastructure Administration , make sure you are in the Correct tab. (Repository | Directory | Runtime). The tab will determine the administration configuration that your will perform

5.1 When this problem occur with Integration Repository > make sure you are in Integration REPOSITORY TAB. Proceed with step 6. Skip step 5.2.

5.2 When this problem occur with Integration Directory > make sure you are in Integration DIRECTORY TAB. Proceed with step 6.

6. Click on Java web start administration.

7. Click on Re-initialization and force-signing. This will re-authenticate all new JAR files deployed. This will also let the new JAR files adapt to the current certificate deployed.

This function will cause the above re-collection and additionally a re-signing of ALL resources with a dummy certificate. The original SAP signatures of the jarfiles will be lost. It is recommended to use this function only in test systems. To get back the original SAP signatures the application has to be deployed again.

8. A Java(TM) Web start Application reset text will appear.

9. Wait for 5 to 15 minutes for re-initialization to complete

10. Start your "Integration Repository' or "Integration Directory" again. It should work now.

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