Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reset SDM user password

When you open SDM GUI, you will only be prompted with a password with no user required. This uses a default SDM user. You can reset default SDM user password with a command to do your other administrative tasks.


1. You need to redeploy J2EE SDM components but you cannot login to SDM
2. Error loging in to SDM

Solution: 1. Reset SDM password through sdm [-option] command


1. Open command prompt

2. Go to directory [drive]:/usr/sap/SID/[CI]/j2ee/SDM/

3. Enter command > Stopserver.bat
> This will stop any running SDM instance.

4. Enter command > sdm jstartup "mode=standalone"
> This will start SDM instance in standalone mode where changes in password is enabled.

5. Enter command > sdm changepassword "newpassword=[YOUR NEW PASSWORD HERE]"
> This will set your password to your choice

6. Enter command > sdm jstartup "mode=integrated"
> This will allow integrated activities in SDM

7. Enter command > Startserver.bat
> This will allow you to start SDM GUI server. In experience, you will see error upon starting RemoteGUI.bat if you do not do this.

8. In [drive]:/usr/sap/SID/[CI]/j2ee/SDM/ folder. Open RemoteGUI to Open SDM GUI.

8. Test your new password.

This is part 1 of BB note 004. Hope this helps.

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