Thursday, October 8, 2009

Change parameter in Visual Administrator and connect failed error

1.1 Login to SAP J2EE OS server

1.2 Go to [SAP drive]:\usr\sap\SID\[CI]\j2ee\admin

1.3 Execute 'Go.bat'. This will open Java Visual administrator GUI screen.

1.4 Login using 'Default' with J2EE_ADMIN user and local J2EE SAP installation HOST and port.
Upon installation this is usually replicated automatically. More information below.

If you get error connecting refer to below:
A. Go to SAP MMC console > J2EE process

B. Connection troubleshooting HELP below

C. Restart your J2EE server (Server0) as your last option.
SAP MMC > J2EE services > Server0 > Right click > Restart Process.
Wait to load and try again. This solved our problem.

1.5 Go to Service > Select the Parameter that you want to change.

1.6 Perform the needed change

*Note confirmation 1.7 and 1.8 must be in order else you will get notice that changes are not applied.

1.7 Press 'Update' to update database

1.8 Press save button. (Floppy disk button)

1.9 Logout and login to your visual administrator again to confirm if change has been done as per step 1.1 to 1.4.

This is part 3 of BB note 004. Hope this helps.

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