Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BB note 003 - SAP Performance Issue - RFC Memory - TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED - ARFCSDATA and ARFCSSTATE


Memory problem in SAP system due to more than million entries in RFC tables and RFC inconsistency.


1. In ST22, ABAP dumps TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED register everytime an RFC transaction is processed. Thousands of dumps could occur.
2. In SM50 process monitor, errors are detected and locks triggered from ARFCSDATA table.
3. In SM58 tRFC monitor, RFC transactions fails due to memory problems.


1.0 Check ARFCDATA table status.
1.1 Go to transaction SE16
1.2 Enter ARFCDATA and Execute
1.3 If entries is more than a million, it is expected that there could be problems with RFC connection.
1.4 Do a consistency check as described in Step 2.*

2.0.0 SAPNote 779664. Performed deletion of inconsistent RFC entries between ARFCSDATA and ARFCSSTATE table.
2.1.0 Execute transaction SE38.
2.1.1 Enter RSTRFCEG in program and press Execute. You will go to the Outbound RFC consistency screen.
2.1.2 Check all Tables affected TRFCQOUT, ARFCSSTATE, QREFTID, ARFCDATA
2.1.3 Uncheck 'Check only' to perform execution
2.1.4 Press Execute

2.2.1 SAPNote 779664. Enter RSTRFCEH in program and press Execute. You will go to the INBOUND RFC consistency screen.
2.2.2 Check all Tables affected TRFCQOUT, ARFCSSTATE, QREFTID, ARFCDATA
2.2.3 Uncheck 'Check only' to perform execution
2.2.4 Press Execute

NOTE: Check if the problem is resolved from Steps 2 to 5.

Step 2.* and 3.* resolved our issue.

3.0 Review SAP note 353579. Check your memory parameters and increase RFC related memory parameters below. Restart SAP system to take effect.

- change ztta/max_memreq_MB
- ztta/roll_area from

4.0 In Database level. Perform Index rebuild for the following SAP RFC tables

5.0 SAP note 561988. Check SAP server for memory leaks. Reboot the server if needed.

Hope this solves your problem.

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