Monday, September 28, 2009

BB note 002 - Transport error in background - Cannot determine mshost in dev_evt


1. Dialog transports are okay but automated background transports sometimes fail.

2. Error below in stms > Import overview > SAP system > Go To > TP system log
Trace File of External Event Raiser (Level=2, Append=0)
*** ERROR ***: Cannot determine mshost

3. Error below in the AL11 > DIR_HOME > dev_evt file log
SAP message server host: [SAP Server]
SAP message server service (new): 39XX [XX=message number]
SAP message server service (old): sapms[SID]
Event sent to server [SAP Server]

Problems with transport process and involved parameters and components


1.0 Review SAP notes 642464 & 449270. Check if transport parameters are set correctly in the default profile DEFAULT.PFL.

This can be found in \usr\sap\[SID]\SYS\profile\DEFAULT.PFL

Add following parameter in your DEFAULT.PFL

SAPSYSTEM = [nn](this is the system number)
rdisp/msserv = sapms[SID]

2.0 Add the correction parameter [SID]/system_pf to transport profile.

As suggested in SAP note 449270 please add following parameter in
transport profile(TP_DOMAIN_[SID].PFL)

- there should be entry for [SID]/system_pf

Maintain the transport profile parameter [SID]/system_pf. Your
transport profile will be TP_DOMAIN_[SID].PFL is located in
DIR_TRANS/bin. The system_pf parameter should be the path to the
DEFAULT.PFL for that SID. Example:


Both are valid paths, assuming that the profiles are maintained.

Please make sure after you make an entry in the transport profile end
this with a enter and then save otherwise the entry will not be read

3.0 Verify services file

Check if sapmsSID port is open.

Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc for Windows.

Check the services file for the sapms[SID] entry. This entry
should have the format:
sapms[SID] 3600/tcp > Note that last 2 digits is your SAP system number
If your entry looks like this:
The '#' marks indicate the beginning of a comment, and all text after
this will be ignored. Remove them or duplicate the entry without the
comment marks.

4.0 Make sure that hosts file of all the systems are having specific
entries for all the systems in the landscape.

Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\hosts

Verify if working by doing a network ping.

5.0 Restart the SAP instance after these changes and then try the import again. This should resolve the issue.

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