Monday, September 28, 2009

Basis bibo supports Inspire@HP Ondoy rehabilitation

I was lucky not to be affected much by the typhoon.

Thankful for the continuous blessings and not a member of my family got hurt. I feel its my duty to help out.

Got email from Inspire@hp and figured might as well use the canceled "Subic roadtrip" travel budget to buy Ondoy relief goods.

Quickly used a portion of my day to go to SM Makati and RSC tower. Will continue to volunteer for restoration efforts in the coming days.

10 boxes of Zest-O juice
15 Century Tuna canned goods
24 Lucky me instant cup noodles
18 Bioderm soaps

Thanks to Mang Erning, cab driver who was very nice and helped me unload the packages.

Thanks to Richard and Mike, co basis engineers who help me deliver the goods to the 37th floor of RSC.

See link below on how you can help out in this tragedy.

I encourage everyone to extend a helping hand and volunteer.

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