Sunday, September 27, 2009

Basis bibo in Adamson University Manila

September 26 2009 - Basis Bibo conducted a SAP Basis Technology seminar in SV Mezzanine Hall Adamson University, Manila last September 26, 2009.

Album -

"SAP Basis Technology"
September 26, 2009 10:00-12:00
SV Mezzanine Hall Adamson University, Manila
Keen Robante
HP Asia Pacific

Topic outline is below:

1. Discuss what is SAP

2. Know what is SAP Basis

3. Enumerate the role of a SAP basis engineer

4. Get an overview of SAP components and how the system works

Basis Bibo is thankful to Adamson University for the seminar invitation.

Personal notes:

Shit happens. All we can do is live it and think positively.

As the typhoon made me stranded in the school for 24 hours, it made me appreciate more the things I experienced at college. Students were smiling despite the calamity. Students, teachers and others work together to sustain each other within a small community.

Special thanks to the following:

To my SAP Basis class - Thanks guys. It was an interesting discussion.
To the SAP Basis seminar organizers - Good job and thanks for preparing prizes to your audiences.

Sir Rejan Tadeo - Chairman of Computer Studies
Sir Lordi - IT seminar subject instructor
Chester - for constantly making follow up and coordinating schedules.
Faus and max - dunno if this is spelled correct but thank you for the stories.
Troy, CJ and Christian Mark - Thank you for getting me in the train station despite the heavy rain
Co-stranded Adamson students - Thank you. :)

To my new speaker friends and fellow strandees (dunno if such a word exists) - Jase, Rys and Ruzette. Thanks for the stories. Till next time. :)

Thank you Adamson University for the warm welcome and friendship. It was a fun and memorable experience.

Prayers to the victims of Typhoon "Ondoy".

Events noted:

* Seminar on SAP Basis Technology

* Lunch

* Introduction to fellow speakers Ruzette, Rys and Jase.

* Get to know each other :)

* “Lucky me” supreme dinner

* Get to know Adamson students

* Chess with students

* The notebook (like my 4th time already)

* Movie marathon in CS office with students (FD 4, The grudge 3, The happening, Pathology, Death race)

* UP students exams study

* Sir Rejan’s nightmare

* The Adamson hymn and ghost choir

* 2 hours of sleep

* Breakfast

* Wet chucks

* No shoes riding LRT-2

* Saw Quiapo underpass covered in water

* Used all 3 train lines

* Cab from North Ave to House

* Facebook

* Sleep. And eventually woke up by Joanne! hehe

* On call but able to support. Received 5 valid escalations and handled okay. A big Thanks to Jonathan for keeping me informed regularly.

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